What we offer

What we offer

It is our mission to build a productive partnership with our clients and to meet or exceed expectations wherever possible. With this in mind we have identified a number of values which we are committed to achieving:

• To be honest and have integrity
• To provide value for money
• To be recognised as experts in our field
• To listen to our clients and respond to their needs
• To be successful and profitable

Your continued use of our services and your recommendations to others are important to us, and in order to maximise these benefits we guarantee:

1. To be cost competitive
2. To agree the service you will receive in advance and the timetable for its delivery
3. To keep you informed of progress and discuss any appropriate changes before implementation
4. To check with you periodically that you are satisfied with the service you receive
5. To seek customer feedback upon completion to ensure the quality of our service remains exceptional
6. To be aware of your business needs and be flexible in delivery to fit in with your business wherever practicable

Food Safety and Health and Safety are the key objectives of our consulting practice. We bring a wealth of experience from the practical inspection, advice and enforcement environment, combined with significant organisational and management experience. This provides an understanding of your business requirements, which supports business needs and assists in achieving the best possible performance.

Our agreed consultancy service (bespoke) fee includes support to the contract for a full 12 months, offering our clients value and peace of mind at no extra charge.

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive service to support you in the production of safe environment, at a transparent affordable price, with no hidden additions. We are able to work with you, as the people who best understand your business, to produce documentation which assures both enforcement authorities, and your customers that the food you produce reaches a high standard of quality and safety. Our experience includes an understanding of business processes, lean thinking and experience in the use of the European Quality Model (Rob Marriner is qualified as a Licensed Assessor with North of England Excellence) which means we are able to provide an integrated service for business improvement.

We are experienced in Project Management and utilise an approach based on the principles of PRINCE 2, but at a scale suitable for small and medium sized businesses. We also have extensive experience of Customer Care Management and are able to ensure that these aspects are included within the service we offer.

Services include 24 hour support and access to a network of food safety and health and safety professionals, designed to provide assurance that an appropriate response is available for crisis and recall management. We develop appropriate solutions to risk management so that you can be assured, and assure others, that, in the current environment of constant change, that you are responsive and will not be caught out.

Current customers include a major delicatessen company, hotel and licensed trade and niche accommodation providers, training has been provided to these customers and to national voluntary and charitable organisations. Speacialist support has been provided to deal with safety at Golf Courses, including the development of bespoke training to meet industry standards.

We do not provide documentation to sit on a shelf, but we do the work without fuss, and leave you to get on with focussing on running the business without having to spend your valuable time researching what we are able to provide.

All documentation is available to you in real time and up to date, so you no longer need to fall victim to the common problem during inspections, that out of date versions are being used.