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About Us

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Marriner Business Support Limited was established in 2009 originally by husband and wife team, Rob and Anne Marriner. They have now developed a business team delivering comprehensive training and support with considerable business experience delivering services in both public and private sector environments.

Rob Marriner is a Qualified Environmental Health Practitioner, qualifying at Newcastle in 1982. He has achieved a number of further qualifications whilst developing his competence including Housing Professional Qualification Part I &II, NVQ Level V in Management, Diploma in Business Excellence, and a number of coaching qualifications.

Having commenced work as a microbiologist with a pharmaceutical company, he has worked as an Environmental Health Officer with a number of local authorities in the North East, Midlands, London and the South East.

Alongside his technical development as an EHP, he as developed a number of further competencies during his career centring on Auditing Skills, Project Management, Business Engineering, Customer Service and Equality and Diversity.

Rob has over 30 years experience including over 20 managing Environmental Health Technical Teams, with 7 years as a Strategic Director with specific responsibilities for enforcement activity within a local authority. He was responsible for all traditional Environmental Health Services encompassing food safety, occupational health, public health, pollution control, Private Sector Housing, Animal Control and Pest Control and in addition Waste Management, Public Conveniences and the management of the Charter Market. The remit also included Public Sector Housing, Technical Services and Vehicle Management, including Parking Services.

Rob also works as a Senior Lecturer at Teesside University, lecturing on Environmental Health related subjects including Food safety and Law and HACCP for a variety of student cohorts. During 2015 and 2016 he has been visiting lecturer on food law and safety to Wuhan University in China and has continued to develop competencies in application of HACCP.

Rob is familiar with quality systems, having led many audit teams through assessment by the Audit Commission, and having achieved a Charter mark for a complete Environmental Health Service. He continues to develop this expertise through his involvement with North of England Excellence, being a Licensed Assessor and having previously participated in the awards process.

Anne Marriner is experienced in the fields of sales and marketing, with a number of years working for a variety of companies both in advertising and promotion.

She has spent the last 15 years working in both private and public sector organisations providing support to front line staff, and undertaking research and analysis of data for both operational and financial operations.

Anne has excellent interpersonal skills which are utilised in support of the current business.

Michael Bowery is both a Solicitor and Environmental Health Practitioner with experience in dealing in Local Government regulatory law in the magistrates and county courts. His experience includes directing investigations and evidence gathering. He is familiar with adherence to policies and procedures, ensuring admissible relevant and fairly obtained evidence is prepared, including witness statements and exhibit preparation, and court preparation and prosecution. His experience means he is familiar with legal frameworks for regulation and has the ability to research and understand statutory requirements in all areas of social care.

He is familiar with witness interviews and witness statement drafting as well as the evaluation of the fairness and appropriateness of evidential matters whilst taking into account PACE, data protection and related issues.

Ann Byrne BSc(Hons) MSc, Service Integration, Perfomance Management, Programme and Project Management Expert. Ann has over 30 years experience as a consultant, resulting in a wide-ranging set of professional skills and aptitude for immediate assimilation. Her early work experience in the private sectoras a businesscontinuity consultant was eighty percent project based, on client sites, notably blue-chip organisations such as Barclays Bank, Nat West Stockbrokers, Lombard North Central, Fisons Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, national Power; central government departments including DTI and DHSS; secure organisations such as Fleet Air Arm and British Aerospace and local governement sites including Birmingham City council, often leading to re-engineering of business processes for greater efficiency.

More recently, Ann was employed by a district council to look at improvement of services and perfoamnce, which led to a project managment role as part of the transition team for the new unitary authority following Local Governement Review, resulting in the successful transition of Front Office Services from six district councils into one unitary offering. Ann’s recent role as Service Integration and Co-ordination Manager within the unitary council is indicative of the skills and experience she has in this field; working with Heads of Service to provide challenge, identify opportunities for efficient joint working and shared business models, proposing and managing implementation plans and evaluating outcomes.

Ian Marriner is an Environmental Health Practitioner with experience in dealing in Local Government regulatory law in the magistrates and county courts. He has experience of directing complaint investigations and evidence gathering and is able to collate and interpret information collected and communicate this both in person and in writing. His experience of problem solving is extensive and has often involved dealing with sensitive situations. He is familiar with legal frameworks for regulation of public bodies and has the ability to research and understand statutory requirements relating to social care. He is currently undertaking training on the collection and presentation of evidence for officers appointed under the Health and Safety at Work Act as part of a national training programme.

He has overseen investigations and appeals on council complaints and ombudsman investigations as well as disciplinary proceedings. This includes PACE interviews and witness interviews and witness statement drafting as well as the evaluation of the fairness and appropriateness of evidential matters whilst taking into account data protection and related issues

The Company has close links with a number of other individuals and businesses on both a formal and ad hoc basis. In this way it is able to ensure sufficient resources are always available to achieve its commitments and that excellent quality of service can be assured.

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